Smart and simplified Employee Experience platform to build high engagement and peer-to-peer recognition

Newwe Recognize
Instant gratification through gamification

Harness the power of instant gratification in the workplaces for performance and increased ROI using Newwe’s gamification feature. The platform allows employee's to garner points for certain actions. Over time, they can win badges for their work and interactions with managers and peers. The Gamification feature uses OKR (or task) based rewards to encourage employee's to communicate with their managers more frequently, building a more connected and productive workplace.

Point-in-time performance reviews
Newwe Performance Reviews

Newwe propagates a continuous performance review and so it becomes easy to identify the performers who can be gratified for their contribution to the organization and can thus have a accelerated growth path.

Beyond 360-degree feedback
Newwe Beyond Feedback

The reward points are not just restricted to better performance and improved ROI of an organization, but it can include social recognition of employee's. This helps organizations to increase employee engagement and identify future leaders. Newwe can further integrate these reward points into any monetization program where some monetary benefits can be passed to employee's to further motivate them.

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Newwe Collaborate

Newwe is the most comprehensive Employee Experience platform to create a collaborative team culture. It is flexible to integrate with other applications that already exist in your organization, and it provides a single view role-based dashboard allowing you to track the progress of each activity. It shows team utilization and progress of each task performed in hybrid teams, spanning from office to all the way to virtual teams across various locations.

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Newwe Enagage

Build engaged hybrid workforce and get real-time insights into pulse and health of the organization. Empower employee's to work autonomously, but at the same time track what they are doing and provide continuous feedback.

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Newwe Optimize

Align technology, data, processes to enhance employee experience with continuous data driven insights.

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