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Newwe Collaborate
Flexible integration option to connect to external applications

In present times, Collaboration is the key. We all work on different applications to perform our daily tasks, therefore, it becomes imperative that we collaborate with these applications. Newwe platform is flexible to integrate with other applications that already exist in your organization, and it provides a single view role-based dashboard allowing you to track the progress of each activity. It shows team utilization and progress of each task performed in hybrid teams, spanning from office to all the way to virtual teams across various locations.

  • Newwe Check Icon Easily integrate and automate the data ingestion from HRIS.
  • Newwe Check Icon Sync with issues-tracking system like JIRA.
Constant conversation
Newwe Constant Conversation

Newwe facilitates Constant Conversation to help pave a way for increased productivity through continuous and seamless interactions between managers and employee's. Keeping the conversation and essence of flow alive, Newwe allows employee's and managers to access application from anywhere - browser, mobile or MS Outlook/MS Teams.

Connectors to external applications
Newwe External Applications

Newwe has the flexibility of collaborating with multiple systems and HRMS applications. It can inherit data from external systems by using its built-in connectors (we add more connectors on a continuous basis). Once the data is imported into Newwe, it is converted into Newwe task flow. The status of this imported data is updated into the source systems on a bi-directional basis.

Beyond boundaries
Newwe Beyond Boundaries

Newwe helps in enhancing productivity and effectiveness of employee's who are working in hybrid teams efficiently. It ensures employee's who are working remotely and employee's who are working from the office can equally contribute towards meeting their objectives, thereby contributing to the growth of the organization. So, it no longer matters where your employee's are, what matters is Newwe can bring all employee's together in a cohesive workforce.

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