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Newwe Optimize
Align technology, data, and processes to enhance employee experience

Newwe incorporates technology, data, and processes to enhance Employee Experience with continuous data-driven insights - all in one platform. It helps you to identify the utilization of an employee through the number of tasks assigned, facilitating optimum utilization of resources.

Harness the power of true productivity
Newwe True Productivity

Newwe connects employee’s leave balances and holiday calendar, and automatically adjusts the duration of a task to ensure that only working days are included while allocating a task to the employee. The utilization dashboard provides information to managers about their team availability and can help in improving team productivity, efficiency and effectively balancing the work across the team.

Continuous real-time measurement
Newwe Real-time Measurement

A well-structured goal (or Task) setting includes standardization of tasks and prioritization of KRAs (Key Result Area). This helps analyze KRAs that need improvement. Allocation of a task is based upon the work and its contribution added to an organization rather than just measuring the number of hours worked. In addition, Newwe generates timesheets signifying the actual work contributed with defined deliverables and helps in measuring the effectiveness of WFH (work from home) employee's.

Effective performance improvement plans
Newwe EffectivePIP

Employee metrics provided by Newwe Analytics give you a comprehensive analysis on top performers and overall efficiency rate. This data can effectively help you to upgrade underperforming employee's through structured Performance Improvement Plans (PIP).

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Newwe Collaborate

Newwe is the most comprehensive Employee Experience platform to create a collaborative team culture. It is flexible to integrate with other applications that already exist in your organization, and it provides a single view role-based dashboard allowing you to track the progress of each activity. It shows team utilization and progress of each task performed in hybrid teams, spanning from office to all the way to virtual teams across various locations.

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Newwe Enagage

Build engaged hybrid workforce and get real-time insights into pulse and health of the organization. Empower employee's to work autonomously, but at the same time track what they are doing and provide continuous feedback.

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Newwe Recognize

Harness the power of instant gratification in the workplace for better performance. This gratification motivates your employee's to put in their best to deliver results.

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